Sight and Song #1

I’ve been playing with a few ideas for the blog and a result is’sight and song’, something which combines two of my great loves – art and music. It’s a mixture of an image, normally one of my own unless otherwise stated, and a song. Enjoy alongside each other or separately if you want to.

 Sight: Unknown building in Budapest, June 2015

I took this photo on the first day of Greg and mine’s trip to Budapest, Hungary in 2015. We were staying with Greg’s grandma who lives just outside the centre of the city and she’d given us day tickets for the metro system. In keeping with our style, we chose the road less travelled (we forgot about the metro) and spent 6 hours walking around the city.

On our route we managed to bypass the big tourist spots in Pest and walk home above the exact route the metro took underground. So, kinda right?! I took this photo with a sleepy sun-kissed mind, soaking in the colours of somewhere new. At the time we laughed about what we saw and how far we walked on our first day (we went to Tescos on our first day in Hungary) but looking back I’m thankful we went the ‘wrong’ way.

It always reminds me that getting lost with someone you love is like constantly being found, wherever we are.

Song: ‘River’ by Leon Bridges, 2015

I listened to this song a lot on the trip. Was it because of the river Danube which ran through the city and my dad and sister’s geography fandom (obsession) was wearing off on me? I’m not sure, but this song certainly makes you feel as if you’re lying in the Sun with the subdued bustle of commotion in the distance, somewhere tranquil and – for a moment – at peace. Leon Bridges has a beautiful voice and style and this song is ideal for summer days.


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